Magandang Araw po, para sa kaalaman ng lahat, narito po ang mga Requirements para sa Transfer of Pension (1 folder with tabbings PSA original documents): 

  1. Affidavit of Authenticity on the submitted documents (notarized)
   2. PSA Death Certificate with Official Receipt
   3. Advisory on Marriage of Retiree (PSA with Official Receipt)
   4. Advisory on Marriage of Wife with OR (PSA with Official Receipt)
   5. 2×2 latest picture of PNP retiree
   6. 2×2 latest picture of wife
  7. PSA Marriage contract with official receipt
  8. PSA Birth Certificate of Wife with Official receipt
  9. PSA Birth Certificate of Children Under (18) Eighteen years of age with official receipt and 2×2 latest Picture of Children 
 10. Photocopy of 2 Valid Identification Card of Wife with Signature, Thumbmark and Cellphone Number
 11. Affidavit of Authenticity to deduct for back earned
 12. Pensioner’s Information Form 
   Other Requirements for Inclusion of Minor Children:
  1. Affidavit of Guardianship
  2. Approved CLB/ Decree of Entitlement
  3. PSA Birth Certificate
  4. 2×2 Picture of Minor Child/Children
  5. Photocopy of IDs with Cellphone Number
  6. Pensioner’s Information Form
   Other Requirements for PWD:
  1. Medical Abstract of PWD
  2. Approved CLB/ Decree of Entitlement
  3. PSA Birth Certificate 
  4. 2×2 Picture of PWD
  5. Photocopy of PWD IDs with Cellphone number
  6. Certification from DSWD
  7. Pensioner’s Information Form